Al Ain University Honors Students Enlisted on the University’s Honor List

Al Ain University Honors Students Enlisted on the University’s Honor ListAl Ain University of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain campuses organized a ceremony to award outstanding students in various faculties on the University's honor list in the mien of the AAU President,  Prof. Ghaleb El-Refae, the Vice President, the College Deans and students ' parents. The ceremony has served as an encouragement to make attempts to strengthen the students’ skills in academic achievement and knowledge to sustain excellence and high quality.

And Prof. Ghaleb El-Refae expressed his appreciation for the 35 honored students and alleged in his speech at the ceremony that the objective of excellence requires intensive efforts and hard work in orderliness to be achieved, particularly in educational contexts where students wish to gain this goal as they handle with various sources of information and deliver access to modern knowledge all the time.

For his part, the Vice President, Dr. AbdulHafid Belarbi, showed pride in honoring the distinguished students who have proven their excellent performances. He clarified to them that not only excellence is not just a contemplation of their academic achievement, but also reflects the style and approach to life, and as the approach they have held you while reading. It will go on in their professional lifetimes, and he hoped that it will be in all phases and aspects of their lifetimes.

The student’s list of honors is announced on the website of the university, and it should be observed that the conditions for obtaining a place along the university’s list of honor, a student must at least register for 15 credit hours and receive a rate of 3.6 in three consecutive terms, in accession to whatever other conditions such as not holding a disciplinary warning, and that an ‘incomplete mark’does not appear on a student’s record.


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