AAU organized “Ramadan in our Countries” event

To celebrate the month of Ramadan, the Deanship of Student Affairs organized at Al Ain University –Al Ain Campus- an event called "Ramadan in our Countries", so as to share the atmosphere of Ramadan with the students, A group of the university students participated by presenting traditional dishes and desserts of Ramadan that have a special stamp in their countries throughout the month of Ramadan.

The event was attended by Professor Ghaleb El Refae –AAU President, Professor Abdulhafeed Belarabi –AAU Vice President, Dr Ibtehal Aburezeq –Dean of Student Affairs and the Director of Development and Follow-up, Also, a group of academic and administrative staff and university students attended the event, tasted the displayed dishes and expressed their admiration with the idea of efficiency.

The event overshadowed with Ramadan atmosphere through decorations, songs and competitions, in addition to the gifts and lanterns which were provided to the attendees.

Moreover, this celebration aimed to promote cultural exchange, interaction with the community and to spread the  Ramadan atmosphere among the students.


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