ADEC Visits Al Ain University’s New Campus –Abu Dhabi



Dr. Noor Aldeen Atatreh AAU Chancellor, Prof. Ghaleb Awad Refae, AAU President, and Prof.Abdul HafeezBelarbi, AAU Vice President, greeted a delegation from the Abu Dhabi Education Council in the new campus of Al Ain University scheduled to open soon in Mohammed Bin Zayed City –Abu Dhabi.

The delegates had an inspection site visit to the new campus, Abu Dhabi branch, to evaluate the building if it is identical to the specifications determined by the Abu Dhabi Education Council, including the readiness of the building in terms of adequate classrooms and services, and provide a comfortable environment for the students, in addition to the application of quality and community service assurance standards.

AAU Chancellor, Dr. Noor Aldeen Atatreh appreciated the active role played by the Abu Dhabi Education Council to develop education and the educational institutions in Abu Dhabi, as well as the efforts to establish the framework of a strong work education to achieve the goals of development in the emirate. He also stressed the University’s keenness on the application of all the standards of efficiency and quality assurance, which makes Al Ain University of Science and Technology-Al Ain and Abu Dhabi campuses- in the ranks of developed universities at the level of the United Arab Emirates.

Prof. Ghaleb Awad Al-Refae AAU president expressed about the importance of this visit, stressing the keen Al Ain University and all those who made it to provide an excellent learning environment for students, helping them to scientific excellence and creativity, both theoretical and practical.

On the other hand, the AAU Vice President, Prof. AbdelhafidBelarbi, said: "Moving to the new campus is the achievement of the faculty’s, students’ and administrative staff’s dream to build an education landmark in Abu Dhabi, and is one of the many ways to achieve Abu Dhabi vision 2030".

The AAU new campus in Abu Dhabi is equipped with the latest educational and service and entertaining facilities for students, such as (sports facilities, the theater that accommodates 500 people and equipped with the latest communication and information technology tools), where it will be a source of inspiration for scientific research and various activities for interaction with the community, and improvement in learning and teaching performances of faculty members and the student audience.

The visit was also attended by Dr. Raed Said, Director of Quality Assurance Center, and Dr. Mohammed Daoud, Director of Information Technology Center.


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