AAU supports reading through the workshop “Why Do We Read”?


As it seeks to support the reading culture, the Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University –Abu Dhabi Campus, organized a workshop entitled “Why Do We Read”? in collaboration with the Higher Colleges of Technology. The workshop was presented by Dr. Leenah Awad -Professor of Arabic language in the Higher Colleges of Technology and was attended by number of students who interacted positively with the lecture.

Dr. Leenah talked about reading in general and its benefits, the reasons of reluctance to read, pointing out that the new generation are not concerned about the value of books in our life and the book’s role in the societies development, stressing on that the reading is one of the cultured human attribute of a conscious and civilized nation. She also displayed poems models to emphasize that the readings communicate with brains and enrich minds. 


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