An Awareness Workshop on Dental Health in cooperation with “Elegance Center”

Coinciding with the Gulf Oral and Dental Health Week, the Deanship of Student Affairs, in cooperation with the Elegance Medical Center, organized an awareness event on the health and beauty of teeth, presented by Dr. Rola Kanaan, a dentist from the Elegance Center.

The doctor talked about, the relationship between general health of the body and dental health, how to clean the teeth and ways to maintain them. During the lecture, she dealt with cosmetic treatments, materials used and methods of cosmetic dentistry, movable dental fixtures, braces, dental implants, and methods of teeth whitening, whether bleaching by using the chemical substance or bleaching with ceramic peels, which is called veneers.

The workshop was attended by Prof. Ibtehal AbuRezeq, Vice President for Development and Follow-up and Dean of Student Affairs, along with a number of academics, administrators, and AAU students.


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