College of Engineering enhances student’s skills in Writing Mathematical Expression

On the International Day of Mathematics, the College of Engineering at Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi campus, organized an online workshop entitled; Writing Mathematical Expression with LaTeX, presented by Dr. Nuha Hamada and attended by the engineering faculty members, AAU students and school students. The purpose of this workshop is to help researches, students and instructors to write Mathematical expressions, symbols and equations by using Latex.

Dr. Nuha started the workshop by making the students to write a mathematical equation without using Latex to show how it is difficult to deal with mathematical symbols. At first, she showed the commands that used in LaTex to create a mathematical symbol and how to build commands and use mathematical expression by using special characters.

Secondly, she showed that Mastering LaTeX enables the user to easily type mathematical expressions in Microsoft word, graphical online calculators and many other platforms that are supported by LaTeX. Dr. Nuha emphasized on how LaTeX has the advantage in dealing with the Mathematical expressions. She gave details on how to use LaTeX commands for math symbols such as Basics, Set Theory & Logic, Geometry & Functions, and Greek letters. Moreover, she showed that LaTeX is also good to, create Aligned equations, Piecewise functions, and Array & Matrices.

Dr. Nuha explained to students how crucial to learn typing in Latex especially nowadays where they have to deal with their courses online. It is easy to write when they upload their answers whether in assignments or exams, and she as an instructor can read the solution easily. She encouraged the students that they have to start using LaTex and the good way to start is, in the Math courses; especially that the AAU Moodle is supported by LaTex.


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