Full time & Part Time Faculty Members


Full time Faculty Members

The full-time faculty ranks are: instructor, assistant professor, associate professor and professor. Appointment to any rank is made according to regulations for recruitment. A faculty contract may be renewed, on the basis of a rolling contract.


Visiting Faculty Member

A visiting faculty member may be a distinguished faculty member who is on leave from another college or university, or from a comparable educational or research institution. Appointment to this rank is either on a semester-by-semester basis, or on an annual basis. A visiting faculty member can be a visiting professor, a visiting associate professor, or a visiting assistant professor. The same qualifications and procedures shall apply for visiting faculty members as per the initial requirements for full-time faculty ranks. Recommendations for the reappointment of a visiting faculty member shall be made by the relevant college Dean to the University President. A visiting faculty appointment may not be renewed for more than two consecutive years. A visiting faculty member is entitled to specific resources and access to specific facilities at the university as determined by the Dean of the college to which s/he has been appointed.


Part Time Faculty Member

Below is a list of the policies and procedures that have been adopted by AAU for part-time faculty members:


  1. A part-time faculty member is one whose major employment is not with AAU and whose teaching load is 6 hours or less per semester.
  2. Part-time faculty members are entitled to the professional privileges and compensation accorded to full-time members.
  3. Part time faculty appointments are subject to the university regulations with respect to recruitment of full-time faculty members.
  4. The qualifications of a part-time faculty member are subject to the same criteria as a full-time faculty member.
  5. Recommendation for a part-time faculty position shall be made by the Department Head or College Dean and is approved by the University President.
  6. The contract duration for this position is for one semester.
  7. The ratio of part-time faculty members in each academic program should not exceed 25% of the total faculty members.