Abdulrahman Abdullah, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 3 7024976



I am an Experienced Assistant Professor with a demonstrated history of working in Journalism, media production industry and international PR. Also I am  a Skilled in Photographer and  Video cameraman, with strong academic education, holding a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) City University - London focused on Journalism. My work in the field of Journalism and TV production gives me the chance to mix the academic and professional experience together, which is reflected on my research. Also I have mixed experience in the Middle Eastern and the Western cultural which strengthen my understanding and vision in the profession.

  1. The winner of the Royal Television Award in the UK 2006, as a cameraman and again as a reporter for best documentary for Channel 4, the title of which was” the death squads in Iraq”.
  2. The Winner of the International Media Award, London, 2009.


Ph.D. in Media Studies, City University - London - 2012

Master in International TV Journalism, City University - London - 2006.

Master, Baghdad University - College of Media - October 2001 - May 2003- Master in Print Journalism.

BA, Baghdad University - College of Media- October 1994-July 1998 - BA in Print Journalism.

Research Interests

Researfch area of interst:

Journalism, Media, Social Media, Communication studies, Public Relations, Journalism and Media Academic Teaching.

Selected Publications

  • Investigating students attitude toward Arabic and English Textbooks in Communication and Media, Abdoulya Kaba and Abdulrahman Dheyab Abdullah, SAGE Open, July 2020.
  • The Conceptualization of TOLERANCE in the UAE Press Media:  A Case Study of ‘The Year of Tolerance’", ِ Aseel Alzaban and Abdulrahman Dheyab Abdullah, Open linguistics, Germany, Open Linguistics 2019; 5: 405–420.
  • An Exploration of Internet Usage by Iraqi academics: Evidence from the Colleges of Medicine and Business at the Universities of Baghdad, Aliraqiyah and Tikrit, Hussein Alfalahi and AbdulrahmanDheyab,Alfarahidi,s Art, Tikrit University,Issue 11, p.395-426, 2019.
  • The Coverage of Alwatan Newspaper to the social issues in Algeria, a content analysis, College of Media, Baghdad University, Al-bahith Al-a’alami, Book 11, Issue 44, 2019.
  • The Motives for the Use of Twitter by Arab Youths” Rahimah Aisani and Abdulrahman Dheyab, Communication Today, Scientific journal of the Faculty of Mass Media Communication at the University SS. Cyril and Methodius, in Trnava, Slovakia (in SCOPUS), Vol. 9, No. 1, 2018.
  • The preference of the Arab youth usage of Twitter, Kuwait University, Academic Publication Council, Annals of the Arts and Social Sciences, accepted. 
  •  A book titled "The Media in Occupied Iraq" The promises and practices of the U.S. Led collation, Askance, UK, 2015.


  • The International History of Public Relations Conference 2018  July 11-12 at Bournemouth University. Political Public Relation In the Arab World, From Persuasion to Propaganda.
  • Conference at Middle East Centre -London School of Economics and Political Science 'Personalized Media and Participatory Culture' conference from 29-30 June, my paper titled “The usage of the Internet and its applications by Iraqi academics in order to communicate with Academic and Research Institutes in foreign countries”.
  •  Conference Middlesex University Dubai's Fourth International Conference (ERPBSS-2018): Call for 'Media, Journalism, and Visual Communications' papers, my paper titled “The Motives for the Use of Twitter by Arab Youths”
  • Conference at Public Relations Research Centre, The Faculty of Media & Communication, Bournemouth University Bournemouth university, International History of Public Relations Conference, Wednesday, July 11 and Thursday, July 12, 2018, my paper titled “From persuasion to propaganda: A shift in political public relations in the Arab World”.

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Proffesor, College of Communication and Media, Al Ain University, 7-1-2020 to present. 
  • Dean – College of Communication and Media – Al Ain University, 06-09-2017- to 19-1-2020.
  • Assistant Professor, College of Communication and Media – Al Ain University of Science and Technology, 07-01-2017 to present.
  • Director –Dima Media production Limited in London 1-3-2013 to 30-12-2016.
  •  Director of the Iraqi cultural centre in the UK, (International Public Relation institute) 1-1-2012 to 31-8-2015.
  • Freelance Producer out there news, London, 1-6-2011 to 1-12-2011.
  • Associate Producer, The Investigative Journalism department, City University, London, 1-8-2010 to 28-2-2011
  • Reporter, Associated Press (APTN), London 1-4-2010 to 30-7-2010.
  • Reporter, Alsharqiya TV satellite Channel, London, 01-09-2007 to 12-2-2010.
    Tasks: Research, pitching stories, covering stories as a reporter.
  •  Consultant, BBC Drama, “Between Two Rivers” about Saddam’s life. London – Tunisia, 1-5-2007 to 30-8-2007.
    Tasks including: research, making contacts and doing a cultural advising.
  • Associated Producer, Out There News Ltd, London. 21- 11-2006 to 25 April 2007.
    Tasks: Research, finding contacts with the right interviewees and sources for our story.
  • Associated producer, Quick Silver Media- Channel 4 Dispatches, London, documentary film about the “Death Squads” in Iraq 1-8-2006 to 30-10-2006.
    Task: I did a very especial effort in this documentary film like: Research, contacts, working as a reporter in the field and cameraman as well in Iraq and arrange interviews to the English reporter.
  • Reporter, Voices of Iraq, the new Iraqi news agency - Baghdad- 2004.
  • Reporter, Iraq Today Newspaper in English- Baghdad – 2003.
    Tasks included: reporting breaking news, including conflict zones and the military operations in Iraq such as the peninsula Strike in the City of Saladin, covering press conferences, interviews, and writing features and news stories.

Teaching Courses

  • Introduction to Journalism, Electronic Journalism, Investigative Journalism, writing Features, Advertising Strategies, and public Relation through the Internet, Protocol and Attiquet , Electronic Advertising. 


  1. National Union of Journalism – London.
  2. Iraqi Journalism Association.