Brahim Belaadi, Ph.D


Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133287


Habilitation, Post Doc,University of Biskra Algeria

PhD Sociology of health and development,University of Bordeaux France

M.A Sociology of Health University of Bordeaux France

B.A Industrial sociology University of Annaba Algeria

Research Interests

Methodology of Social Sciences, Health and Society,Sociology of Organization and work, Slums, School violence.

Selected Publications

  • Moussaoui Douniazad, Belaadi brahim.(2018)"Attitudes of university students towards the social status of women in the Algerian society", a field study at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences - University of Guelma -, Journal of Horizons of Science, Zayan Ashour University, Djelfa,Vol.04, No. 13, pp.297-307.
  • Belaadi brahim.(2015) “The Problem of Identifying children Mentally Handicap in Algeria”, Journal of Human and Society Sciences, Mohammed Khider University, Biskra, No. 14, pp.45-65.
  • Belaadi brahim.(2010) “A Critical Analysis of Some Approaches to slums”, Tawassol Journal, Annaba University, No. 26.
  • Belaadi brahim.(2010) “Mental Disability: Thinking Elements in Sociology”, Journal of Research and Human Studies, University of 20 August,Skikda, No. 06, pp.117-126.
  • Ben Hassan Zina, Belaadi brahim.(2015) “Violence in school: a school product or a reflection of societal violence”, Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Ouargla, No. 19.

Teaching Courses

Methodology of Applied Sociology

Social change

Ethics of Applied Sociology

Rural and Urban Sciology


Membre of scientific Council of " Marginalites and society", Scientific association, Bordeaux, France