Duties and Responsibility


Finance Division:


The main responsibilities of the Finance Division are:

  1. coordinating the annual budget for AAU;
  2. implementing aspects of sound financial management;
  3. processing Annual, Mid-year, and Quarterly reports;
  4. perform auditing tasks;
  5. handling student payments and tuition fees;
  6. contributing to managing the financial aid fund;
  7. coordinating the purchasing and procurement policies;
  8. and, carrying out day-to-day financial matters.


Administrative Division:


The Administrative Division is the backbone of the AAU. The Division delivers a wide range of services to faculty, staff, and students alike. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. supervising student dormitories and transportation services;
  2. performing general maintenance for all AAU buildings and equipment;
  3. coordinating around the clock security services;
  4. renewing buildings’ and vehicles’ leases;
  5. processing purchase orders;
  6. running the photocopying centers;
  7. supervising distribution and equipping of offices;
  8. ensuring the cleanliness, and suitability of the environment on campus and in the surrounding areas;
  9. and, providing all other forms of logistic support to facilitate the smooth running of teaching, research, and community service activities.