International Accreditations



How and Why did the Hijiri Calendar Begin?

Muslims celebrate the Hijri New Year (considered an official holiday in some Islamic countries) on the first of the Islamic calendar’s m...

6 Tips to have an Exceptional First Year at University

  Is this your first year at the university? Do you feel afraid and nervous? Or excited and happy? You’ve probably heard lots of myt...

6 Amazing Fitness Mobile Application

Fitness does not only mean to get our body in a proper shape but we also get many health benefits from it too. The Fitness also helps your int...

Tips to Increase your Computer’s Speed

The computer speed means that how fast the processor of a computer executes or runs any command or action. There could be many reasons due to ...

AAU Achievements

Year after year, Al Ain University of Science and Technology is achieving a number of accomplishments as a part of its strategic plans to strengthen its leadership position as one of the leading universities in the UAE

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