Academic Warning and Academic Probation


  1. A student receives a first academic warning if his/her CGPA drops below 2.0 by the end of any semester except his/her first semester at AAU. Having received the first warning, he/she is not allowed to register for more than 15 credit hours in the following semester.
  2. Should a student fail to raise his/her CGPA to at least 2.0 in the following semester, then he/she will be given a second warning and will not be allowed to register for more than 12 credit hours.
  3. Should a student fail to raise his/her CGPA to at least 2.0, the student becomes liable to one of the following actions:
    • Transfer the student to another major within the same college;
    • Transfer the student to another college.
  4. A student is given two semesters to raise his/her CGPA after changing his/her major or college. Should the student fail to do this, he/she will be dismissed from the university.
  5. If a student has successfully completed at least 70% of the credit hours required for graduation according to the approved study plan for his/her program, then he/she will not be dismissed from the university, but will be permitted to continue in the same major until he/she reaches the maximum study duration as stipulated in the AAU regulations.
  6. The summer session does not count as an academic warning period.
  7. If a student is in conditional stance to graduate programs or failed to achieve the condition, the student would be considered as academically ‘failed’ in the registered program with the end of the first semester and is not entitled to rejoin the same program only after at least one semester, and in case the student has enrolled again in the same program you separate from him, no grades from the previous program would be calculated. If the student wishes to attend other graduate programs, s/he may enroll immediately and the previous courses can be calculated as if these courses are within the curriculum of the new program and where one got the result of B or higher.