Registration Rules


  • Students must register for a course prior to attending classes. It is the responsibility of the individual student to monitor his/her registration status.
  • The student is required to register in person during the specified registration period. Once this period is over; late registration is allowed for the following 6 calendar days. A late registration fee of 500 AED would be charged.
  • The selected course load must be approved by the students’ academic advisor.


Academic Load

The following regulations specify issues relevant to a student’s academic load:

  1. The maximum number of credit hours for which the students can register is 18 hours, while the minimum is 9 hours.
  2. In some special cases, a student may register for up to a maximum of 21 credit hours under the following conditions:
    • If the student’s CGPA or SGPA is 3.6 or above;
    • If this load will enable the student to graduate at the end of the semester as specified.
  3. A student may register for less than 9 credit hours in the semester in which he/she plans to graduate.
  4. In special cases for Academic Load Upon the approval of the College Dean, and under the following conditions, a student may register for up to 19 credit hours:
    • In the First Semester if he/she is expected to graduate by the end of the  following  Second  Semester  with  no  more  than  21  credit hours;
    • In the Second Semester if he/she is expected to graduate by the end of the following Summer Session with no more than 9 credit hours;
    • In either the First or Second Semesters if all the remaining credit hours are practicum/ training/ internship courses.
  5. In the summer session:
    • The maximum study load for an undergraduate student is 6 credit hours.
    • The maximum study load for Diploma students is 6 credit hours.
    • The maximum study load for MBA students is 3 credit hours.


Adding and Dropping Courses

During the first week of the semester, or in the first three days of the summer session, a student may add or drop one or more courses after receiving the approval of the academic advisor. In order for a student to drop or add courses, he/she needs to obtain an add-and-drop form from the Admission and Registration Unit, and then follow the same steps required for registration above.


Academic Attendance

Students are expected to attend all scheduled lectures. Absence does not exempt a student from submitting the work that he/she is required to complete the course requirements. Absences will lead to:

  • The first warning for absence of 10 % of the course hours;
  • A second warning for absence of 20% of the course hours;
  • A failing grade (FA) in the course for an absence of 25% of the course hours.

A student whose absences exceed 25% of the course hours may be considered as ‘withdrawn’ from the course. Should he/she submit an excuse which describes any extenuating circumstances for the absences, these circumstances will be considered and accepted by the course instructor and the Dean of the College and the course will be counted as ‘W’ instead of ‘FA’’.