Co-education Policy



This policy aims at providing an effective active learning environment to meet UAE needs concomitant with preparing a knowledgeable, conscious and refined generation in an academic and social context proper to the Emirati society.


Policy Implementation Area

Al Ain University Students


Definitions of the Policy

University: Al Ain University


Policy Statement

Based on the instructions issued by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge on the policy of co-education and separate education in institutions of higher education in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the university adopts both mixed-gender education and single-gender education policy as follows:

  • The University applies the policy of complete separation and partial mixing and has taken exclusive measures to implement this policy.
  • Al Ain University Science and Technology follows the policy of separating both genders in public facilities and partially separating them in classrooms and laboratories.
  • The university provides equal facilities and education opportunities for both sexes.
  • The University believes in the positive impact of cultural, gender and linguistic diversity in the enrichment of its intellectual and social environment.


Policy Procedures

The University’s infrastructure, facilities and services are adequate enough to support the implementation of this policy which is being applied following the measures mentioned below:

  1. Classrooms and laboratories:
    • The classrooms and laboratories are equipped to accommodate students of both sexes where male students sit separately form female students in the same classroom in the sections numbered (61, 62, 63), as well as the allocation of separate classrooms bearing section numbers (51, 52, 53) for female students and section numbers (1, 2, 3) for male students.

  2. Service facilities for students:
    • There are separate entrances and parking spaces for male students and for female students.
    • A separate room for female students and for male students in the admission and registration services as well as in the finance services.
    • The university provides the following facilities independently and separately for students:
      • Restaurants
      • Library
      • Praying area
      • Recreation areas
      • Sports facilities



  • The Board of Trustees is the authorized body to adopt this policy and the procedures for its implementation
  • The University President oversees the implementation of this policy and its procedures.
  • The College Deans and members of the academic and administrative bodies apply the procedures of this policy.
  • The Quality Assurance and Institutional Research Center evaluates the effectiveness of this policy and its procedures.