Say it in 5 Minutes Competition

Start 30, May 2022

End 06, Jun 2022

The College of Education, Social and Human Sciences is pleased to announce "Say it in 5 Minutes" competition

Competition rules

  1. The presentation should be in English only.
  2. The presentation should be exactly 5 minutes.
  3. The topic should be approved by the organizing committee before sending your participation.
  4. Participation is open to students from all colleges. You do not have to be enrolled for the summer course to participate.


How to participate

  1. The participant should send a Google drive link to a video-recorded presentation.
  2. The video should NOT be edited or “cropped and joined”.
  3. Videos are sent to the jury for evaluation.
  4. The presenters of the best seven videos are selected as finalists.
  5. The seven finalists will have to present again live in front of the audience and jury in Yass Hall.
  6. Three of the finalists will be selected as follows:
    1. First place winner based on the jury’s evaluation.
    2. Second place winner based on the jury’s evaluation.
    3. Audience-choice winner based on the voting by the audience present in the Hall at the time of the live presentations.


To participate send your topic (a title and one explanatory sentence) to:


May 30, 2022
The deadline to receive the presentation videos.
June 2, 2022
Finalists are announced
June 6, 2022
Ceremony of the final live presentations and selection of winners.

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