AAU President and Dean of Student Affairs Meet New Students

AAU President and Dean of Student Affairs Meet New StudentsAl Ain, UAE, Oct. 17th, 2011 - under the patronage of Professor Ghaleb El Refae, AAU President, the Deanship of Student Affairs held its first meeting with the AAU freshmen.

Prof. El Refae welcomed the freshmen stressing that they are the focus of AAU’s attention as the University aims to provide distinguished student services to ensure they have the best setting for their academic development.

Prof. El Refae also pointed out that most students finish high school with misconceptions about university life. He highlighted that it is vital for students to keep up with the outcomes of technical learning, acquire research skills, and develop their English Language as it is their way to communicate and follow scientific development.

Through its development plan, AAU makes sure its academic outcomes stay in line with the latest teaching and scientific research technologies. This requires students to keep pace by studying topics in depth whether by referring to books or to the modern technologies and the World Wide Web, Prof. El Refae added. In addition, he accentuated the role of academic advising for freshmen and advised them to resort to the Deanship of Student Affairs whenever they need to. Students must know their study plans throughout the course of their study at AAU. They need to watch out from incomplete and makeup exams due to the pressure they pose on the student.

Next, Dr. Ibtehal Abu Rezq, the Dean of Student Affairs, welcomed AAU’s freshmen and underlined the University’s, along with the Deanship’s, concern for the student’s academic affairs. The Deanship supports the academic process with extracurricular activities that reinforce the educational vision. She emphasized that the Deanship is ready to offer cultural, social, athletic, and arts activities through its various departments.

Finally, Dr. Abu Rezq offered the freshmen ten golden rules focusing on the two main aspects of the academic process: on the one hand, to concentrate on the academic side to achieve success and excellence while on the other, to be involved in extracurricular activities due to the role they play in shaping the student’s personality and thought as well as developing hobbies and interests.


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