AAU President Meets with Faculty Members

AAU President Meets with Faculty MembersAs part of the commitment to communicating with faculty members, and in an ongoing effort to offer the best student services, Professor Ghaleb El- Refae, AAU President, held meetings with faculty members in different colleges. During the meetings, Prof. El- Refae, commended the faculty members’ efforts and greeted them at the beginning of the Academic Year 2011/2012 welcoming new faculty members joining AAU.

The AAU President also presented the University’s directions for future development and quality. He highlighted the principles underlying AAU’s policies which are in line with the standards of the Commission of Academic Accreditation.

Prof. El- Refae encouraged faculty members to give priority to scientific research to meet the economic and educational needs of the UAE’s community. The University’s establishment of the Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies comes as an embodiment of these directions and ambitions.

Additionally, the President noted the need to maintain good relations among students, faculty members and AAU’s administration. He also emphasized commitment to office hours and the syllabus. Finally, Prof. El- Refae urged the development of the educational process: the paramount factor for quality assurance that ensures the University’s accomplishment of its aspired vision and strategic plan. 


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