AAU and Al Ain Municipality Celebrate Older Persons

AAU and Al Ain Municipality Celebrate Older PersonsIn collaboration with Al Ain Municipality – Town Center sector, the AAU Deanship of Student Affairs organized an event marking the International Day of Older Persons.

The event is in tandem with the AAU’s goals to integrate older persons in the social and cultural activities as well as enhance the community’s awareness with regard to the caring of the elderly and highlighting the experience and knowledge the older persons transmit to the youth.

Dr. Ibtehal Aburezq, Dean of Student Affairs, pointed that it is vital to mark this day and use it to strengthen ties between the older persons and other generations in the society.  The older persons are the keepers of heritage who transmit our community’s customs and traditions.

“Through this event, AAU aims at emphasizing the relationship between generations, to tend for the older persons socially and psychologically, and to fully include them in social events,” she added.

The students engaged with the audience in discussions about the responsibilities the youth has towards the older persons in the teachings of Islam and the commandments of Quran and Hadith that stress the rights of the older persons.

The audience also recounted stories and anecdotes educating young people, urging them to treat their parents well, and reminding them that pleasing parents is linked to Allah’s satisfaction. The audience was also urged to pay attention to the older persons in terms of providing medical advice and the special care they need.

At the end of the event, attended by older persons as well as members of the AAU and Al Ain Municipality, symbolic gifts were distributed as a gesture to bring joy to the older persons’ hearts.


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