AAU Business Students Visit SCAD

AAU Business Students Visit SCADThe AAU College of Business Administration organized a field visit to the Statistics Center – Abu Dhabi in order to introduce students to the center's programs and the modern scientific techniques used in statistics, financial systems, and mechanisms to improve production. Dr. Noha Hamada, lecturer in Principles of Statistics in the AAU College of Business Administration – Al Ain, organized the visit which included a tour of the sections in the SCAD along with lectures that contributed to enriching the students' knowledge and enabled them to link the theoretical side to the practical application.

Dr. Sameer Al Barghouthi, Deputy Dean of the College of Business Administration, said that when students get in touch with the field practice associated with areas of specialization, it shows them a clear application of the information and systems they receive during the course of their study. It is also vitally important that this implementation is carried out and observed at key, developed institutions to enhance the students’ abilities and push them toward continued research to keep pace with the advances which various fields witness. The College of Business Administration at AAU is keen to implement these objectives through field trips to a variety of institutions, and the trip to the SCAD has been one of the most important so far. The SCAD includes an educational institute that presents the highest levels of training programs for students in order to prepare qualified professionals who possess knowledge-based job skills.

The visit has contributed to supporting the students’ leadership skills where they were introduced to the different sections and departments at the SCAD, the mechanisms followed to distribute tasks, execution techniques, in addition to modern economic systems. The staff at the SCAD have been quite helpful and ensured that the students’ queries, comments, and questions were all addressed, he added.

It is noteworthy that AAU is in fact the first university in the UAE to conduct a field trip to the SCAD in Abu Dhabi.



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