AAU College of Law Visits Federal Court

AAU College of Law Visits Federal CourtThe College of Law at Al Ain University arranged a field visit to the Federal Supreme Court. The visit included tours of the court to learn more about its departments and specializations. In addition, the students attended a court in session. At the end of the visit, Chief Justice Shehab al Hammadi, who presides over all state security cases at the Federal Supreme Court, addressed the students regarding the principles of the legal profession, the nature of their future tasks, and their responsibilities to develop their knowledge and skills to become qualified, professional graduates.

Dr. Abdelhafid Belarbi, AAU Vice President, pointed out that, based on the cooperation agreement between AAU and the Federal Supreme Court, the Judicial Services Department has set up a training program that will enhance the law students’ gain of practical knowledge. The students first explored the different court buildings and got to know the relevant departments. Then they attended a court in session in addition to meeting lawyers. This enriching, informative visit concluded with a meeting with Chief Justice Shehab al Hammadi and included a QA session.

Dr. Belarbi added, AAU fully comprehends the importance of practical training for the students. We also recognize our role in cooperating with the organizations to ensure our students get the best training available. This begins on campus where we ensure the availability of labs and facilities that would contribute to the students’ preparation for their future workplace and careers, and it is complemented through the various cooperation agreements with the different organizations as stated previously.


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