AAU Students Better Presenters at ELC Works

AAU Students “Better Presenters” at ELC WorkshopThe English Language Center at Al Ain University, Al Ain Campus organized a workshop entitled “How to Become a Better Presenter.” The workshop comes as part of the ELC’s activities to help serve the students and the community in tandem with its mission for providing academic support for students.

Mrs. Ream Odetallah, English language instructor at the ELC, delivered the workshop explaining the nature and components of academic presentations. The workshop also introduced a step-by-step process for the preparation of the presentation, how to address the audience, and how to deliver the presentation. Moreover, the presenter gave the students useful tips on how to handle questions, and the mistakes they need to avoid.

Ms. Lima Ghazi Sabri, the Director of the English Language Center, expressed how keen the ELC is on presenting useful information which students can utilize in the duration of their study. This is not only limited to the ELC students and their language classes, but it also includes all AAU students.

She added that the ELC continuously follows up with the AAU’s colleges to pinpoint any language-related problems the students may face. Accordingly, the ELC extends a helping hand through organizing multiple, short, and informative workshops that focus on these difficulties and try to provide practical advice in order to equip students with the study skills they need to excel in their academic life.

It is noteworthy that the ELC offers three levels of English language courses for AAU students to help them obtain the English language proficiency scores they need. In addition, the ELC offers short courses for the students as well as the public including courses in preparation for English proficiency tests, presentation skills, and business correspondence.


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