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Cooperation Agreement between AAU and Federal Supreme Court

  • Posted on:May 09, 2012

Cooperation Agreement between AAU and Federal Supreme CourtAl Ain University signed a cooperation agreement with the UAE Federal Supreme Court for the development of Law students’ training and increasing the added value of the learning outcomes. This would facilitate the gain of practical experience for the students to be as prepared as possible when entering the work environment. HE Chancellor Dr. Abdul Wahab Abdul, President of the Federal Supreme Court, signed the agreement on behalf of the Federal Supreme Court while Dr. Noor Aldeen Atatreh, AAU Chancellor, signed it on behalf of AAU. In attendance were representatives from AAU, judges, and chancellors.

Dr. Atatreh said that the practical training is as important as theoretical knowledge. Therefore, AAU is keen on cooperating with major public and private organizations in the UAE in tandem with the courses offered underlining AAU’s comprehensive role and the responsibility we have towards the students. In line with this comes the agreement with the Federal Supreme Court to train the College of Law students as it is one of the best entities to provide the effective technical training students need.

The agreement ensures the exchange of knowledge between both parties with regard to experience and relevant academic publications, research, conferences, and symposiums as well as other activities that may contribute to the development of legal knowledge. In addition, the College of Law students will be able to receive their practical training at the Federal Supreme Court to equip them with the technical skills and capabilities to achieve the highest levels of performance, added Atatreh.

He concluded, the agreement with the Federal Supreme Court is not limited to practical training, but it also includes activating the cultural and knowledge aspects of the students’ learning process by highlighting the mutual use of libraries at AAU and the Federal Supreme Court. This aims at directing students to scientific research and enriching their experience in line with the vision the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has of enabling students and graduates to probe into the spheres of knowledge and advance towards scientific production.


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