CV Writing Workshop at AAU

CV Writing Workshop at AAUThe Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University held a workshop entitled “CV Writing and Interviewing Skills” in order to introduce students to the art of CV writing, different CV formats, CV content, and how to prepare for interviews. Mr. Sa’ad Abbas, Head of Human Capital Development at Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation, delivered the workshop which was attended by students, faculty members, and staff. The workshop focused on the CV building, its types, and components. In addition, Mr. Abbas discussed the common mistakes that job applicants normally make during interviews and how to avoid them.

Dr. Ibtehal Aburezq, Dean of Student Affairs at Al Ain University, mentioned that CV writing and interviewing skills are essential for fresh graduates as they constitute the first step in their careers upon graduation. Therefore, the Deanship is keen on enhancing and developing these skills through holding such workshops. The second section of the workshop; interviewing skills is also meant to help students overcome their fears by emphasizing self-confidence and knowledge of personal capabilities and strengths.

She added, this workshop was arranged for by the Alumni Office at AAU which aims to prepare fresh graduates for the job hunting stage. It goes without saying that organizing workshops that are directly relevant to the students’ immediate needs is certainly beneficial and effective. The discussions that normally follow are also an opportunity for students to voice their questions and express their concerns. Finally, the Deanship of Student Affairs is grateful for Mr. Abbas’ time and effort in putting together such an informative and invaluable workshop.


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