Health Awareness Week at Al Ain University

Health Awareness Week at Al Ain UniversityThe Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University organized a Health Awareness Week in Abu Dhabi. The events of the week, which included varied activities and visits, aimed at spreading health awareness among students and informing them about care and rehabilitation centers for persons with disabilities. Throughout the week, AAU arranged for medical checkups in addition to visiting Abu Dhabi Special Needs Care and Rehabilitation Center. A series of lectures were also delivered on the importance of health awareness and periodical medical checkups.

Dr. Zuhrieh Shana’a, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, said that based on its belief in the role of educational institutions in raising health awareness, AAU is keen on organizing events that contribute to enriching students’ health knowledge and responsibility in a way that will positively reflect on the entire community. The one-week campaign focused on general health and medical care where the AAU clinic conducted various medical tests for students and staff including blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, BMI, etc. Each participant received health leaflets and a first aid kit.

Health Awareness Week at Al Ain University

Further, the Health Awareness Week events included a visit to Abu Dhabi Special Needs Care and Rehabilitation Center to introduce the students to the conditions of children with special needs in addition to the educational, rehabilitation, and medical support services they receive. Such services are rendered as part of diagnosis and early intervention that revolve around providing children with physical, psychological, and social care and ensuring a warm, home-like environment. During the visit, AAU gave children presents as a gesture hoping to bring a smile to their faces.

Dr. Shana’a added that at AAU we believe to be an integral part of the community and the organizations contributing to it. It is vital to augment the students’ health knowledge and encourage them to take part in all health-related activities and campaigns as well as medical conferences both locally and internationally.


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