Mubadala Strategic Investment Lecture at AAU

‘Mubadala’ Strategic Investment Lecture at AAUIn collaboration with Mubadala Development Company, Al Ain University organized a specialized lecture entitled “Strategic Investment to Support the Au Dhabi 2030 Vision” at AAU Abu Dhabi campus.  Dr. Indranil Ghosh, Head of Strategy and Macroeconomics at Mubadala Development Company, delivered the lecture in which he discussed the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision and Mubadala’s role in supporting and activating investments in strategically important projects for Abu Dhabi. He also explained Mubadala’s investment portfolio and the purpose of focusing on development projects in Abu Dhabi and the UAE, as well as the long-term profitability of the projects within the 2030 vision.  Dr. Abdelhafid Belarbi, AAU Vice President, attended the lecture in addition to faculty members, specialists in the field, and students from the College of Business Administration.  The lecture was followed by a discussion session for queries and questions.

Dr. Belarbi mentioned that Mubadala is one of the most important organizations in the UAE that invests in future development projects for Abu Dhabi; therefore, it is an important organization for students to benefit from the expertise of specialists and enhance their knowledge about the future of investment in the UAE.  Organizing this specialized lecture, we targeted the students of the College of Business Administration for them to learn more about planning and future strategies as they will be part of them in the future and may take part in creating them as well. Moreover, it is essential for students to be familiar with ways of managing the economy and be able to identify strategies for the development of new sustainable projects in various sectors.

Investment and strategies fall within the Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision which we seek to implement by guiding students to perceive the reality of the local economy, and what it needs and by encouraging looking for developing new investment sectors that are in line with the vision and directions of the government of Abu Dhabi for sustainable projects. The purpose to develop projects whose results reflect positively on the educational development investment which is requires constant development as it is the cornerstone to building future national cadres. The strategic investment lecture organized at the university opened broad prospects for scientific and practical research and development for students, Belarbi added.

On his part, Dr. Zafar Hussain, faculty member at the AAU College of Business Administration, reiterated the importance of the lecture as it serves more than one purpose. It marks the beginning of a dialog between students of strategic management and specialists working in this field. It also supports the interaction between the university and the institutions and contributes to the development of a strategically planning community. There is no doubt that continued cooperation with Mubadala in this area will benefit the students furthermore. He extended great appreciation to Mubadala for its cooperation with AAU.


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