NBS Receives AAU Academic Delegation

NBS Receives AAU Academic DelegationThe National Bureau of Statistics– Abu Dhabi received a delegation of faculty members from AAU in a field visit organized by the AAU College of Business Administration in order to get to know the bureau, its programs, and statistical plans as well as learn more about the latest modern techniques used in statistical processes in general. The delegation was also briefed on the administrative and financial systems of statistical institutions, and procedures for the production and dissemination of statistical data in the United Arab Emirates in addition to exploring the facilities of statistical work in the bureau.

HE Rashid Khamees AlSuwaid, Director General of the National Bureau of Statistics, welcomed the delegation and reiterated the importance of the professional relationship between statistics and academia, and the integration of roles of all components in both the statistical and educational processes. While the academic institutions represent the producer of theories in the various scientific fields, including statistics, the statistical institutions play the role of an incubator for application by virtue of its practical tests for those theories through the use of tools to measure the statistical economic, demographic, social, environmental and other indicators. In addition, HE AlSuwaid pointed to the importance of joint cooperation in the field of cross-training of professionals and the exchange of experiences and knowledge, as well as carrying out studies and joint research given the importance of that to the professional and scientific development for both parties.

On his part, Dr. Sameer Elbarghouthi, Deputy Dean of the College of Business Administration, mentioned that it is very important for faculty members to connect with the practical field associated with their specialization as it gives the opportunity to deal with a straightforward application of the information and systems they provide for students. This application needs to be done at key institutions to help develop their abilities and push them towards continued research to keep pace with changes taking place in different fields. The College of Business Administration is keen on implementing these objectives through scientific tours to a variety of institutions; the most significant has been the visit to the National Bureau of Statistics.

Dr. Elbarghouthi added that the visit contributed to the support of leadership skills of faculty members, where they were able to identify the different functioning departments within NBS, the distribution of tasks, and techniques implemented in addition to the latest economic systems. Moreover, the staff at NBS were keen to provide all the necessary information and respond to questions.

On the other hand, HE Mr. Abdul Qader Al Masawi Bani Hashem, Executive Director of the Statistical Sectors at the National Bureau of Statistics, presented an introductory lecture about the bureau and its role in building the national system of statistics for the United Arab Emirates. He presented a summary of statistical work of all its components, as well as a summary of the programs , activities, the Strategic Plan for the bureau, and the key achievements during the past years, along with the statistical trends for the next phase of cooperation between the NBS and AAU for the benefit of both sides.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Noha Hamada, Principles of Statistics lecturer at the AAU College of Business Administration, oversaw organizing the visit in coordination with the Statistical Training Center of the NBS within the program for joint cooperation between the NBS and the academic community.


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