Voluntary Work Seminar at AAU

Voluntary Work Seminar at AAUIn cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Community Development, the AAU Deanship of Student Affairs organized a workshop entitled “Voluntary Work: Concept and Responsibilities” at Al Ain Campus.

The workshop, which tackled the reality and scope of voluntary work in the UAE, was delivered by Brigadier General Mohammed Saleh Baddah Al Awadi “Abu Ayda”, Director of Public Relations at the Ministry of Interior.

“Abu Ayda” presented various tips on voluntary work including its definition and history; he also gave examples of voluntary tasks in the early years of Islam such as digging trenches, building the prophet’s mosque, collecting construction material for mosques, the rights of neighbors, as well as the rights to aid in emergencies. The Holy Quran, he added, has exalted collaboration and cooperation urging individuals to do well, volunteer, and extend a helping hand which is also in tandem with the prophet’s teachings.

On her part, Dr. Ibtehal Aburezq, Dean of Student Affairs, expressed her pleasure for the students’ attendance of the workshop reiterating that university students are the main pillar for promoting voluntary work in communities. She also underlined that the importance of volunteering rests in enhancing the individual’s sense of belonging to the community and refining personal abilities. Being wholly humanitarian in goals, practice and results, voluntary work has become a cornerstone in establishing social solidarity, she added.


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