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Cooperation Agreement between Al Ain University and Northern Michigan University

  • Posted on:Mar 05, 2013

Cooperation Agreement between Al Ain University and Northern Michigan UniversityAl Ain University signed a cooperation agreement with Northern Michigan University in the USA.   The agreement aims at augmenting the exchange of research and knowledge leading to broadening horizons and strengthening cultural cooperation. The agreement came during the visit of a delegation from Northern Michigan University to AAU, Al Ain Campus. The visiting delegation included Dr. David Haynes, NMU President; Dr. Paul Lang, NMU Vice President; and Dr. Jamal Rashed, Dean of the NMU College of Business, and they were received by Prof. Ghaleb El Refae, AAU President, and Prof. Abdelhafid Belarbi, AAU Vice President. The agreement was signed by Prof. Ghaleb El Refae on behalf of AAU while Dr. David Haynes signed for NMU.

Prof. El Refae stated that cooperation between educational institutions contributes to enriching scientific and cultural capabilities thus enhancing academic and educational experience through mutual initiatives that are benefit students and research alike.

 The agreement between AAU and NMU is in tandem with the efforts both universities exert to activate collaboration and communication which will reflect positively on both universities, enrich their experience, and add to the valuable ties connecting them, Prof. El Refae explained.  Accordingly, the agreement includes issues of mutual interest; setting a program for supporting science, knowledge, and research through visits where faculty members deliver lectures, exchange experience to engage in joint research projects in various disciplines. In addition, the agreement tackled issues relating to organizing joint conferences and seminars as well as publishing papers in accordance with the details of the agreement and the applicable regulations at each university.

El Refae added that according to the agreement, AAU will exchange information and documents of relevance with NMU in addition to supporting collaboration in curriculum design, educational planning, and higher education studies. Moreover, the agreement encourages combined writing projects as well as the translation and distribution of books published by either university.

Cooperation Agreement between Al Ain University and Northern Michigan University


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