Seminar at AAU Marking the Prophet's Birthday

Seminar at AAU Marking the Prophet’s BirthdayThe Deanship of Student Affairs at both campuses of Al Ain University of Science and Technology organized a talk in commemoration of the Prophet’s (PBUH) birthday. The lecture,   entitled “The prophet PBUH in our hearts and lives”, was delivered by Dr. Maher Haswa of the College of Law - Abu Dhabi Campus, and Dr. Mahmood AlKubaisi of the College of Law - Al Ain Campus.

The seminar was meant to be a remembrance of the life and teachings of the Prophet Mohammed PBUH including the comprehensive call, and the models of morality in honesty and humility. The speakers pointed out that following the example of the prophet is evidence of our noble love. Moreover, in celebrating the birth anniversary of the Prophet PBUH, we draw lessons from his life and attempt at reminding people of his teachings and presenting these values to the Islamic nation to promote the principles of compassion and social solidarity.


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