Lecture on Labor Issues at AAU

Lecture on Labor Issues at AAU

The Deanship of Students Affairs, in cooperation with the College of Law at the Al Ain University based in Al Ain, organized a lecture on "Labor Issues", which was presented by Mrs Amneh Said Ali and Dr. Ahmed Jbeir, in the presence of faculty members and university students.

The lecturers explained that the knowledge of workers of the labor codes would make them mindful of their rights and obligations that will reflect positively on the professional relationship between the employees and the employers, and it would avoid many the problems and ills. Furthermore, it would ensure each party's rights and the penalties as placed by the UAE labor regulations, which protect the workers, according to the priority based on the highest international standards and legal and health professionals. The lecturers also emphasized the importance of awareness-raising campaigns and informed the attendants of the processes regulating the labor market in the nation.


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