Seminar on Cervical Cancer at AAU

Seminar on Cervical Cancer at AAUUnder the slogan “Live Healthy and Simply Check”, the Deanship of Student Affairs in AAU, in collaboration with the Medical Services Administration of Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, organized, at both campuses, awareness seminars on cervical cancer to mark World Cancer Day and as part of its keenness to spread awareness among the AAU community.

Dr. Rashida Abbas, Obstetrics & Gynecology consultant, spoke about the importance of early detection in order to reduce the chances of getting cervical cancer. She added that nowadays there are HPV vaccines that would help prevent cervical cancer. She urged women and girls to visit healthcare centers for the vaccination. 

On her part, Dr. Zuhrieh Zoe Shana’a, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, mentioned that AAU continuously seeks to play a prominent role in healthcare awareness. The statistics related to cervical cancer have been the motivation for launching this campaign and organizing the seminars to help spread awareness among students, faculty, and staff.


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