UAE Society of Engineers Delegation Visits AAU

Dr. Nayef Abu Ageel Dean of college of EngineeringThe AAU College of Engineering and Information Technology received a delegation from the Society of Engineers – UAE headed by Ms. Salma Al Maamari, Board of Directors Member.  Dr. Nayef Abu Ageel, Dean of the College of Engineering and Information Technology, along with Dr. Nazih Mallat, Head of the Departments of Networks & Communications Engineering and Computer Engineering at Al Ain University of Science and Technology, met with the delegation.

Dr. Nazih Mallat noted that the meeting aimed to introduce the students, faculty and staff at the College of Engineering and Information Technology to the Society of Engineers and its goals. Ms. Salma Al Maamari briefed the audience on the society’s establishment, development, goals, and strategy as well as the committees the society holds. She underlined the attention and care the society provides its members with and also encouraged students to join the society for the exposure it will give them in the UAE job market.


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