A delegation from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, hosted by the AAU President


A continuation by AAU in consolidating the bonds of international cooperation in the academic field, Prof. Ghaleb El Refae –AAU President of Al Ain University, greeted Prof. Yaqoob Nasir Eddin, head of the Board of Trustees of the Middle East University, Prof. Mahmoud Al Wadi –President of Zarqa Private University, and Prof. Maher Saleem –President of Middle East University.

This aims of the visit were to consolidate relations and to discuss prospects of cooperation between Al Ain University and the other two universities, where is Al Ain University has always sought to consolidate internal and external relations with all academic institutions.

The delegation visited the university's facilities and met the college's deans, as well as they commanded the equipment available at the university for faculty members and students.

For his part, Prof. El Refae greeted the delegation visit and stressed on the importance of this visit to the university and the keenness of the university to strengthen its position among other universities, which makes Al Ain University in the advanced ranks among other universities in the United Arab Emirates, wishing that there will be a future cooperation between the two universities.


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