College of Law organize the Moot Court at Abu Dhabi Campus



The College of Law students presented, justice scenes in a professional way through the “Moot Court” organized by the College of Law at Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi Campus- for the students who have completed the practical training at the university. The court was supervised by Dr. Hakem El Serhan and Dr. Abdulla Ehjelah from the College of law at the University.

The Moot Court focused on a murder case. After examining evidence and listening to the witnesses, the defendant was indicted. The court sentenced him in accordance with the penal code.

The event was attended by Dr. Mahmoud Abdelhakam Deputy Dean of the College of Law, deputy deans, academic staff, and students.

The Moot Court is considered a simulation of a real trial, which is a deviation from the typical style in the academic process. The importance of the Moot Court lies in enabling students to acquire the necessary skills to practice law in addition to the skills required for judges.


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