AAU organise a workshop for Philippine Emirates School

Al Ain University organized a workshop for Grade-12 Students at the Philippine Emirates Private School in Abu Dhabi on how self-assessments lead to better mental health. The workshop, managed by the Student Recruitment Unit and the Applied Psychology Department - College of Education Humanities and Social Sciences (Abu Dhabi Campus), was presented by Dr. Ganka Ivanova (Assistant Professor, College of Education Humanities and Social Sciences).

Dr. Ivanova talked about the under self-awareness, self-assessment and positive wellbeing, as part of it each student exercised individual self-awareness and reflection along with positive thinking.

The workshop included goal-oriented activity; as well as; exercise linked to current happiness and gratitude. The activities covered brainstorming, positive self -image and self-confidence formation. The students were able to do, for free, the International MBTI assessment, which helped them to understand their personality and decision-making style.


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