AAU ranked among 50 top Arab universities by QS

Al Ain University (AAU) has been ranked within the top 50 Arab universities according to the “QS Arab Region University Rankings 2022”, which is one of the most prestigious international systems for ranking universities based on their quality of education, academic & employer reputations, scientific research outputs, and the performance & skills of the graduates.

Dr. Noor El Deen Atatreh (AAU Chancellor), said; “We are very proud of this important achievement, especially that Al Ain University has significantly improved its rank from last year”. He also added, that these achievements are reflecting the wise leadership vision and its unlimited support for the education and scientific research sector, and this rank is a main evidence of the strong presence of Al Ain University among the universities in the Arab region.”

Prof. Ghaleb El Refae (AAU President), said; Ranking Al Ain University among the top 50 Arab universities confirms the university's commitment to achieving scientific, research and academic excellence. He added; this achievement demonstrates the outstanding performance, hard work and efforts made at Al Ain University to improve the quality of education, academic outcomes and strategic relations within a diverse and distinguished environment.

Dr. Nazih Khaddaj Mallat (Vice President for Accreditation and Quality Assurance), expressed his pride in ranking Al Ain University among the top 50 Arab universities, stressing on that the university will keep its commitment to improve towards its academic programs, research preparation, training and learning.

The QS classification evaluate the universities based on specific criteria in which the performance of universities is evaluated according to their academic reputation, the opinions of employers, Faculty/Student ratio, International Research Network, Web Impact, Proportion of staff with a PhD, Proportion of International Faculty and Proportion of International students. Stressing that the university will continue its pursuit of excellence at the level of its academic programs, research preparation, training and learning in the long term.

It is worth to mention that the QS Foundation has ranked Al Ain University among the top 750 World Universities for the year 2021, and has provided a five-star ratings in e-learning for the year 2020, in addition to a five-star ratings in education and inclusion for the year 2019.


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