AAU supports the Innovation Week

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration in the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation hosted Dr. Nuha Hamada, from the College of Engineering at Al Ain University to show her experiences and expertise in the innovation field, as a part of their virtual event within the activities of Innovation Week.

Dr. Noha spoke about her participation in innovation activities since the launch of Innovation Week in February 2015 until 2021, starting with a workshop presentation on creativity at the National Center for Statistics (previously) to participating in holding creative events at Al Ain University, such as, Knowledge Market, Mathematics Day and Talents Day. And her participation in the “innovator 2020”, within the activities of the science festival, as well as; participating in the exhibition of future innovations by creating the "safety" innovation, which serves people of determination, helps to provide job opportunities for them and integrate them into the local community.

She praised the role of the UAE as a supportive country for innovation and creativity, where the UAE ranked as the first place in the Global Innovation Index in the Arab world for 2021, this progress came as a result of continuous work and efforts for years, and because of the role of the wise leadership in spreading the culture of innovation, developing capabilities, encouraging the incubation of innovative ideas and providing a creative environment through holding workshops, competitions and offering prizes for the best innovations in various fields.

Moreover, Dr. Noha emphasized that Al Ain University is an incubator for innovations and is keen to harness all needs of the academic staff and students to develop their skills and talents, support innovation and keep abreast of scientific developments on an ongoing basis.


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