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The bridge competition to enhance the engineering student’s skills

  • Posted on:Jun 24, 2022

As part of enriching the student campus and academic life, and as part of the event of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) student chapter, the college of engineering organized the first Popsicle Bridge Competition for students. The competition’s organizers were Dr. Mohammad Alhassan, Dr. Abdulla Sharo, and Eng. Esraa Hijah.

The competition was about designing and building a bridge from Popsicle wooden sticks and testing its efficiency live on campus. Ten teams from different engineering programs participated in the competition. Bridges were evaluated according to two winning criteria. The first criterion was the ‘bridge efficiency’ represented by a ratio of how much load it can hold over its own weight. The second winning criterion was the most ‘aesthetic design’. 

After evaluating bridges by our judges, Dr. Omayma Mukhtar, Dr. Layla Amaireh, Dr. Thabet Mismar, and Dr. Mohammad Ghazi, the winning bridge in terms of aesthetic design was the one designed by Marten Chamas and Mohammad Abu Eida from the Civil Engineering program. While Mohammad Jameel and Karam Mohammad from the Software Engineering program won in Bridge Efficiency competition.  


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