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The British Council ranks Al Ain University as the "best accredited center for IELTS exams."

  • Posted on:May 30, 2023

The English Language Center at Al Ain University achieved the best performance at the level of the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, with its classification as a Diamond member and an accredited center for conducting "IELTS" exams at the university's campuses in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, by the British Council's Partnership Program.

These results come as a recognition of the overall efforts made by Al Ain University and, specifically, the English Language Center in offering IELTS exams at its Al Ain and Abu Dhabi campuses, adhering to the highest quality standards. These efforts include providing diverse exam dates to accommodate all applicants, ensuring smooth exam administration, and delivering quick results.

Dr. Abdelghani Remache, the Director of the English Language Center, highlighted that Al Ain University offers accredited IELTS exams through a state-of-the-art Center established in collaboration with the British Council. Students can take the exams either in paper-based or computer-based formats. He affirmed that the university's achievement of the best performance in the UAE and Abu Dhabi enhances its reputation within the academic community. Furthermore, its classification as a diamond member and an accredited center for IELTS exams attest to the quality, efficiency, and excellence of its services. Al Ain University is committed to providing educational and community services in accordance with the highest international standards. It is worth mentioning that Al Ain University is an accredited center by the British Council for conducting IELTS exams and offers preparatory courses for IELTS through the English Language Center and the Continuing Education Center at the university. These courses aim to enhance individuals' skills and develop their abilities.


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