AAU participated in the WEEC 2024

  • Posted on:Jan 31, 2024

Al Ain university (AAU) actively engaged in the 12th World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC 2024), to emphasize its commitment to environmental issues and sustainable development. AAU’s professors presented a variety of research presentations discussing environmental issues, and the university also participated in the accompanying exhibition, showcasing its community initiatives in climate, environmental sustainability, and environmental education.

The hosting of this global conference by the United Arab Emirates reflects its commitment to environmental sustainability. Al Ain University, aligned with this vision, is dedicated to applying the highest standards of environmental sustainability through education, scientific research, community activities, and university infrastructure. The university is committed to providing high-quality education, organizing conferences, workshops, and launching initiatives that serve the youth and contribute to enhancing sustainable entrepreneurship for the future.

Al Ain University takes pride in its ranking as the 5th in the United Arab Emirates in the 2024 QS World Sustainability Ranking. Additionally, the university has achieved advanced positions in Sustainable Development Goals, ranking 6th globally in Goal 4 (Quality Education), 33rd globally in Goal 5 (Gender Equality), and 88th globally in Goal 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth). The university is also a member of the Universities Climate Network, a network of 33 local universities collaborating in education, research, and community service in environmental protection and climate change mitigation.

Al Ain university offers a diverse range of programs and specializations that align with its educational outcomes and sustainable development goals. Al Ain University actively seeks to strengthen its relationships and establish collaborative agreements with external institutions interested in environmental issues, including the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency and the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority.

Al Ain University made a notable contribution to COP 28, with its professors delivering oral presentations and research papers addressing environmental, climate, sustainability, and artificial intelligence issues. The university's students also participated in the Climate Ambassadors program, innovation competitions, and entrepreneurship challenges.

The university prioritizes the promotion of scientific research and encourages professors to conduct innovative research that serves the environment, addresses climate challenges, and generates creative solutions.


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