Faculty Recruitment and Appointment


The main concern of the staff involved in the recruitment process at AAU is the selection of the most qualified candidates in their respective areas of specialization. An excellent academic record, research potential, and effective teaching performance are important criteria for the selection of faculty members.

The faculty recruitment procedure begins with an initiative taken by the Dean which includes a description of the position, duties, and responsibilities that the faculty position entails, and a justification for the vacant position. The candidate is asked to submit an application form, and other required documents, to the Human Resources  Unit. All applications are sent to the academic department concerned for evaluation.


AAU has a non-discriminatory recruitment policy with respect to an applicant’s gender, race, religion, or physical disabilities. Selection criteria include the following:

  • academic performance, and the academic reputation of the institution that granted the degree held by the candidate;
  • proficiency in the field to be taught and the ability to integrate knowledge to related subject areas;
  • experience in teaching and the application of knowledge in the particular field of specialization;
  • work published and lecturing experience;
  • knowledge and understanding of the philosophy, goals, and objectives of AAU

A Departmental Recruitment Committee and the Department Head review the documents that are submitted by candidates for employment. The best-qualified candidates are recommended to the Dean of the College for approval and submission to the Vice-President of Academic Affairs, who, in turn, reviews the candidates once more before submitting a ranked list of candidates to the University President for final approval.