AAU Students Visit the Global Audit Company (KPMG)

AAU Students Visit the Global Audit Company (KPMG)

The College of Business Administration has organized a visit to the Global Audit Firms (KPMG), under the supervision of  Dr. Riham Mqattash, in cooperation with the Deanship of Students Affairs, as part of the students ' interaction with the local community and internal audit material output (Operational Auditing).

The pupils have determined the objectives of this visit through the recognition of what is the Global Audit Company, one of the four biggest companies in the universe. Furthermore, Mr. Munther Dajani has provided to pupils about the incorporation of the company and of the audit profession and encouraged the scholars into this profession.

Mr. Yousef Younis and Mr. Ahmed Al Masri, the Assistant Directors, have prepared a valuable plan for educating students about practical audit procedures, hazard assessment and software used in checking, as well as, displaying challenges of the audit profession and the exchange of lecturers with student inquiries and discussion on audit profession.


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