In the presence of the University President ,, AAU organized the Honor List Ceremony in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi Campus


In the context of supporting the distinguished students, Al Ain University at Al Ain and Abu Dhabi Campus, organized the ‘Honor List Ceremony’ to honor the excellent students from different majors, in the presence of Prof. Ghaleb El-Refae –AAU President, Prof. Abdulhafid Belarabi –Vice President- Deans of Colleges, outstanding students and their parents. This ceremony was the tenth meeting to credit these distinguished students to the list of honor

Prof. Ghaleb Al-Refae –AAU President- welcomed all the attendees and expressed his appreciation towards the excellent students from the different colleges, which have increased from 16 to 33 students since the last meeting. He said that the reasons of achieving the honor list may return to time management, concentration, perseverance, as well as the parents’ roles in supporting the students and providing the right environment for more creativity and diligence.

He explained how the students can get on the honor list during their years of study, and they must at least register for 15 credit hours and receive a rate of 3.6 in three consecutive terms. He also stressed on the need for the students to continue in this superiority, advised them to work hard, and wished if they can talk about their experiences to their colleagues, where that the excellence is not fortuitous, but it passes through several stages until it reaches the top.

In the end, Prof. El Refae congratulated the students and their parents on their achievements, and on behalf of the university, he is proud to embrace such outstanding students and wished them further progress and success.

On the other hand, Prof. Abdulhafid Belarbi -Vice President- appreciated the outstanding students, urged them to continue on their excellence, wished them the success in their scientific and noted that the university is keen on to include distinguished students and qualified professors.

Dr. Ibtehal Aburezeq, Dean of Student Affairs and Director of Development and Follow up, expressed her happiness and welcomed the students and their parents, urging them to further with their progress, and wished that the number of the excellent students would increase in the near future.

For his part, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Iyad Abdelmajeed said that the university is proud of the elite students who are wearing a dress of success and excellence and they are the focus of attention of the nation, parents and the university.

At the end, the ceremony ended with honoring the outstanding students from various colleges by providing them with trophies and certificates under an atmosphere of joy and pride.

The aim of this ceremony is to honor the outstanding students on their superiority and continued efforts in order to  be on the University’s list of the honor, in addition, to encourage them to continue in their academic achievement, as the excellence requires intensive effort and hard work in order to be achieved, Finally, it also motivates the rest of the students to make an effort in order to reach what their outstanding colleagues have achieved.


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