A visit to the Emirates Palace by the MBA students in AAU


A visit to the Emirates Palace organized by Dr. Ahmad Ghandour for the students of MIS in the MBA program.  The main objective behind the visit was to enhance the students’ practical stimulation and to let them have an overview on the activities related to information systems carried out by the Emirates Palace.

The visit was welcomed by the GM, and where an orientation of the Emirates Palace was given by Deputy Manager followed by a presentation on Information systems used in the palace delivered by the IT/AV Director.

Students of MIS “read and learned” about information systems in the Palace through a case study. This visit gave the opportunity for the students to have a practical edge not only to “see and know” the real feel of how company utilize systems but also to transfer the theoretical knowledge to practical implication.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Ghandour extended his gratitude to Emirates Palace for the permission and support they gave in making the visit successful with an accomplishment of the objective.


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