A Workshop on Online Personal Branding for AAU Students


The Professional Development Unit at Al Ain University organized a workshop for the AAU students on both campuses Al Ain and Abu Dhabi, entitled; Online Personal Branding, presented by Dr. Umar Ruhi from University of Ottawa, Canada and implemented by Dr. Adel Ahmed, Director of Professional Development Unit.

The aims of the workshop are; to give a conceptual introduction to personal branding, use-cases of social media for online personal branding, shows the tools for online personal brand measurement and draw a roadmap for establishing and enhancing online presence and reputation.

Dr. Ruhi highlighted the importance of an effective personal branding strategy and the value of online channels and platforms to create a positive personal brand image. He also shared practical tips that can help foster a strong personal brand identity and a trusted reputation. The workshop featured several personal branding uses-cases for social media channels and platforms and also highlighted mechanisms that can help assess the performance of an online personal branding strategy.

Dr. Adel Ahmed said that, this workshop will increase the employability skills to enhance the jobs after graduation, he added, it will help the graduate to market themselves through online social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, SnapChat, Google Plus and Google Alert) to secure a job in the future without using the traditional way of marketing their skills, such as, sending C.V’s to the companies, instead they can market the C.V through social media platforms, where nowadays, most of the companies are recruiting through social media.


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