AAU and Mathworks company discusses the cooperation aspects


In order to improve the scientific research outcomes and the student’s skills, Al Ain University (AAU), represented by Dr. Nazih Khaddaj Mallat (Dean, College of Engineering), Dr. Faten Kharbat (Deputy Dean, College of Engineering) and Mr. Mohammed Al Saidat (IT Center Manager), met a team from Mathworks (Mr. Amr Shalaby, Education Account Manager) and Mr. Alessandro Tarchini (Business and Market Development) in Abu Dhabi Campus. At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Khaddaj Mallat welcomes the Mathworks team and gave a brief introduction about AAU and the College of Engineering, Then, the Mathworks team shared how MathWorks (Matlab) is helping universities worldwide to attract more students, to keep them engaged and reach the industrial job market, inspiring students to adopt the engineering technology that contributes to the development of a sustainable economy.

The aim of the visit is to develop a relationship between MathWorks and the College of Engineering and to present the latest update of “Matlab” program which has a huge impact on the university development goals, thanks to its contribution to scientific research, institutional effectiveness, industrial sponsorship and multi-disciplinary research projects.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Khaddaj Mallat thanked Mr. Tarchini and Mr. Shalaby for their presentation and the fruitful meeting.


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