AAU students are innovating creatively


Within its keenness to encourage student’s innovations,  The students of “Innovation management and creativity” course organized a small exhibition and displayed their innovations, under the supervision of Dr. Abdelkader Mazouz -Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies.

Prof. Abdulhafid Belarbi had a look on the student's innovations, expressed his happiness of their efforts and stressed on the university’s keenness to promote innovation and support students to be innovative.

For his part, Dr. Mazouz commented: “Students had to make a prototype of their innovative ideas. The project consists of an innovative service or a product that has a commercial potential within our society. First, students have to go through the process of empathy where observing and understanding in order comes up with a need; identified as need finding, then ideate their creativity and look towards value proportions and customer segments and relations”.



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