An awareness lecture at AAU about using Social Media Platforms


In collaboration with the Ministry of Interior – Public Relation Management, the Deanship of Student Affairs in Al Ain University –Abu Dhabi Campus- organized an awareness lecture entitled “The Best Uses of Social Media Platforms”, presented by Prof. Jasim Mohammad Al Antali, in the presence of academic staffs and students of the College of Mass Communication and Media.

The lecture highlighted on a number of important topics such as; lack of awareness of using social media in a good way and the different methods used by some people to exploit persons financially and socially, he also talked about the electronic extortion and stressed on the importance of taking all precautions while dealing with all technologies in order to avoid any serious consequences on the privacy and confidentiality of their personal data.

At the end of the lecture, shields and certificates were exchanged between the Ministries and the University and Prof. Al Antali was honored by Dr. Iyad Abdulmajeed –Deputy Dean of Student Affairs.




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