Flexible Procedures and Smart Services for accepting the new students at AAU


Al Ain University in its both campuses (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain), continues, receiving admission applications for the first semester of the new academic year (2017-2018) in all its Bachelor and Master’s programs.

In this context, a comprehensive plan has been prepared by the Admission and Registration unit at the AAU to coordinate admissions and registration procedures for new students easily, by using the best technologies, providing electronic systems and publications that contain all information and procedures that may be required by the student, in addition to the staff’s cooperation with the students by answering student’s queries. The AAU also provides smart services for students convenience, which aims to save time and facilitate procedures which allow the student to see the most prominent regulations, procedures and admission conditions, tuition fees and all the students need through; Online registration, the Mobile Application and the Social Media Platforms.

In order to implement the highest standards of quality, Dr. Noor El Deen Atatreh –AAU Chancellor- visited the AAU’s Admission and Registration Unit in (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) campuses to have a look at the followed procedures in the Admission and Registration Unit, the Financial Affairs Unit and the English Language Center, recommended the staff to proceed the admission and registration of new students at the least time and effort, away from long routine procedures, and provide them with the right academic advice and guidance.

Atatreh praised the work of the Admission and Registration Unit, the Financial Unit and the ELC to facilitate admission and registration procedures. He stressed on that, the services provided comes in line with the University's strategy to adopt the highest quality assurance standards of the Ministry of Education - Higher Education Affairs in the United Arab Emirates.

Atatreh said that, the Al Ain University pay great attention to students and their parents, by facilitating procedures and provide advanced services. He also mentioned that the university is always keen to support students and encourage them by providing different scholarships up to 40%.

For his part, Mr. Moath Aburub –General Registrar at AAU- emphasized that the work in the admission and registration unit is conducted according to the highest quality standards, stressing that the staffs are fully aware of all the standards and procedures to be followed to provide high-quality services for students. 


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