AAU Develops English Skills for Students

The English Language Department of the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences at Al Ain University conducted a Spelling Bee Competition for IRE students at Al Ain Campus.

The competition was run under the supervision of Dr. Abdelrahman Altakhaineh, Head, English Language Teaching Program Department, and organized by the instructors of IRE courses, Mrs. Ream Odetallah, Miss Hanan Rahrouh and Mr. Mohannad Althawabeyeh.

The aims of the competition were to enhance the students’ ability to improve their language skills in spelling words ranging from easy to more difficult ones, encourage them to participate in the university activities and boost the spirit of fair competition among them.

Commenting on this competition, Prof. Majed Al Jallad, Dean of the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences said that this competition will promote the English Language skills of students and encourage them to love the language and overcome their fear from speaking in English.

The Head of Department, Dr. Altakhaineh, stressed the importance of such activities that play a vital role in promoting and enhancing students’ proficiency level in English Language courses. He added that such activities will motivate students to learn English and improve their self-esteem. Dr. Altakhaineh concluded that the English department plan is to make sure that almost all students will engage in English language activities in the future.


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